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Picture of Pitbull Terrier Dog

History of the Pitbull Terrier Dog! History has it that the ancestors of modern Pitbull come from the bulldogs and terriers of the United Kingdom! Many of these still exist, nonetheless, some of these dogs have evolved into new ones! Such is the case for the English white and the black and tan terriers, whose descendants include the bull-and-terriers, the fox terrier, and the Manchester terrier dog. The dogs, generally known as bulldogs protected the farmer by subduing the bull cow if the bull cow should attempted to injure the farmer with his horns! To protect his master the bulldog would bite the bull on it's nose and held on no matter how much the violent bull struggled, even if the dog had suffered injury he would still be holding onto the bull's nose. These traits of the bulldog and bull cow endorsed the development and rise of the bloody sports of bull-baiting and bear-baiting! In Elizabethan times, these spectacles became the accepted forms of amusement, in parallel with Shakespearean plays that often took place right next to the bear baiting pits in Southwark, London! However, bull-baiting and bear-baiting was seen as a sport that was intolerable, which was abolished in 1835 by the British legislative body as callous. In the end, the custom died out the following years after the abolishment! Pitbull dogs once served an important role within the United Kingdom by killing the pest that might otherwise have ruin farmers crops, damage property, or spread diseases such as the Black Plague! At that stage in the United Kingdom, every county you could think of, boasted their own breeds of terrier dogs!


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