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Marabou Stork Picture

Description of the Marabou Stork as shown in picture above! Latin name:- (Leptoptilus crumeniferus) The Marabou Stork nests twice a year mainly in the months of January and December in colonies of up to 20 or more! Marabou Stork will also nest with other species of birds in colonies consisting of several thousand! The Marabou Stork usually build their nests is made of stick in trees or on cliff ledges! The female species will lay from two to three eggs which usually hatch within thirty days! Marabou Storks are indeed, very powerful birds, and with their large heavy bills are quite formidable weapons which they use for stabbing preys or used for intimidating other scavengers causing them to drop their food and run! Marabou Storks are actually scavengers themselves, but they will hunt small preys such as rodents, reptiles and fish! They have been known to kill and eat adult Flamingos! However, not withstanding, the Marabou Stork are protected by law in many countries, particularly, in India! Although, these large species of birds are quite common over the range, they are listed as endangered in South Africa! Marabou Storks are large enough for a potential meals, but they are quite unacceptable for the consumption of humans! They will scavenge carcasses, eat human waste in villages; this is what makes them able to survive in densely populated areas!


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