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Little Egret Bird Picture

A description of Little Egret Bird showing it's plumage in picture above! Scientific name- (Egretta garzetta)! Little Egret Birds are really small heron birds! Bird shown in picture is that of the Little Egret bird! Little Egrets are much more delicate looking than either the great white heron and the grey heron! Little Egret birds are blessed with with snowy white plumage, long pointed black bill, black legs and strikingly yellow feet makes them distinctively more attractive than all other herons! The elegant neck plumes of the Little Egret bird when in breeding plumage were once a go, even more valuable than gold! These bird species can be quite funny to watch when hunting!  Little Egrets hunts energetically in motions such as darting, twisting and dashing in it's pursuit of preys! The species feed by edges of lakes, rivers, reservoirs, saltpans and brackish lagoons! Their diet in the wild consists of an assortment of small animals, amphibians, small fish and large insects and during their breeding season they breed in bushes and trees by waterside


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