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Picture of HMS Illustrious Ship

Brief Description of HMS Illustrious Aircraft Carrier Ship Picture: This present ship HMS Illustrious Aircraft Carrier ship is the fifth ship to bear the name Illustrious. The first HMS Illustrious was a 74-gunship launched at Buckler's Hard in 1789 and saw action against the French in 1793!

Armoured Plated Deck on Ship

*The current HMS Illustrious Aircraft Carrier shown in the picture above was laid down in Swan Hunters Ship Builders Yard on 7th October 1976. She is the very first aircraft carrier to have an armoured plated deck and she is the second of three Invincible class aircraft carriers!

Ship's Steering Problems

*She suffered steering problems! After repairs to her steering She was commission and headed out at sea to relieve HMS Invincible in the Falkland Islands on 20th June 1982!

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