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Picture of Greyhound Dog Breed

The Greyhound Breeds Greyhounds are the athletic stars of the canine world, intelligent, incredibly fast, aristocratic, graceful and elegant, they're the 45mph beast of the dog-race tracks! In ancient times greyhounds dogs were amongst the most favoured dogs in comparison to all other dogs amongst the Pharaohs of Egypt, other Egyptians, Asians and also African leaders! Though greyhounds are seen mostly on racing tracks, in actual fact greyhounds were originally bred for hunting hares or what is described as hare coursing! It make sense when you begin to understand why artificial hares are being used at dog tracks to lure the greyhounds into racing by chasing after the artificial hare! The greyhound who is quickest gets to the finishing line first! Now we can understand why hares are used on dog racing tracks all over the world! Of all the dogs, greyhounds barks the least, but due to lack of undercoats and body fat tissues, the greyhound dog is prone to cold temperatures unlike most other dogs! The Greyhound breed are one of the breed of dogs that you will find with several different colours, such as pure black, pure white, red,  fawn, fallow, brindle and even blue which is evident on a greyhound dog race tracks! They even come with any of the above colours broken with white! Above all, these breeds of dogs loves the company of humans, they are friendly and will get along well with children and other animals too!

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