Adult Pygmy Goat








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Picture of Adult Pygmy Goat

*Description of Adult Pygmy Goat in the Photograph: Picture of  Pygmy Coat animal was taken on a farm in Godstone. Pygmy goats are much smaller than the normal domestic diary goats as we know them to be. Pygmy Goats originally came from Cameroon in West Africa. In retrospect pygmy goats are also described as Dwarf Goats because they are so small.

Pygmy Goats Get Bored Easily

*African pygmy goats are fed on a diet this diet may consists of forage, rough hay, oats, bran, barley seeds salt is also an essential part of their diet.  Pygmy goats are domesticated and well cared for the West African farmers. These goats are quite tame, friendly and very playful. They get quite bored if there is nothing around to play with. They like to be active, therefore, they will play with anything you throw at them. Great fun watching them playing with a ball.


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